Castles For Sale In Romania

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Romania is one of the European countries in which people can buy castles at advantageous prices, due to the fact that they are severely aged and need restorations, which are not at the hand of the owners or of the state anymore. Therefore, if you are looking for castles for sale, Romania just may be the country for you. There are numerous medieval constructions of various sizes and styles across the entire territory of the country. Most of them are of medieval origin, but there are others from various time periods, depending on what you are interested in buying. The state of the castles is also something to consider as some may be a lot more well kept than others.

One of the news that created a certain amount of fuss in the media of the country and at an international level was the one about the Castle of Dracula being sold. This is actually the Bran Castle, which is rumored to be the one in which Dracula lived. Therefore, the interest for this castle was a lot more intense. The castle is situated in a forest area in the Brasov region. Currently, the landmark castle is opened as a museum of medieval arts and it includes various collections inside and outside. The Bran Castle is probably the most amazing castle to be up for sale in Romania. As opposed to the other castles, it has a vaster estate and the castle in itself is a lot larger. In addition to this, it is placed on a higher level as opposed to the rest of the perimeter, which gives it even more uniqueness.

The other castles for sale around Romania are situated in various parts of the country. Many of them are located in the capital city, Bucharest, and they present themselves in the forms of smaller castles, with features that combine the idea of estate mansion, with that of a town house, as well as with the one of a palace. Some of the prestigious properties that can be bought in Bucharest are the Suter Palace, The Stirbei Palace and so on. The main features which immediately catch the eye in the case of these castles are the architectural styles, filled with a mixture of heavy large ornamentation with simple colors and textures. The variety of the castles for sale in Romania is suitable for all types of buyers.

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